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What to Know About smplCloudPC

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What is smplCloudPC?

We provide true ‘easy and affordable’ Cloud Computing – streaming your Computer from the Cloud (aka Desktop as a Service “DaaS” or “CloudPC”) – for every type of business – powered by StreamPC. StreamPC’s patented technologies make streaming your computer easy by automating your set up, onboarding and security/compliance best practices.

If my computer is “streamed from the cloud” What do I work on?

We love this question – almost any device you want! The CloudLock™ software turns every computing device, laptop, or desktop (yes, even your MAC or IPAD) into a secure access point for your smplCloudPC. It is plug and play easy. New business? No computers? No problem! We have CloudLock devices ready to go for free with our three (3) year Subscription. Never buy or manage computers again. Plug in, turn on, login. It is that simple.

Why is the security so much better in the cloud?

Cyber criminals attack most often through your typical local computer/laptop. That is what hackers are most familiar with, it is what is easiest for them. Data stored on end point devices like your old computer/laptop creates risk and entry points to attack. smplCloudPC eliminates those attack points, moves all your computing and data to the Cloud away from cyber criminals. Your smplCloudPC looks, acts, and feels the same, but it’s not, it’s way better! While you focus on your work, smplCloudPC protects you against ransomware, viruses, malware, phishing, and other cyber-attacks with the very best the Cloud has to offer so you don’t have to.

What does smplCloudPC mean for my business?

With smplCloudPC your business will:

  • Gain industry best security, flexibility and compliance
  • Gain protection against ransomware and other cyber-attacks with RansomWall™
  • Be remote work ready now – work securely – anywhere, from any device
  • Stop managing data or documents on employee computers
  • Stop worrying about computing compliance (HIPAA, FINRA, SEC, NFA, etc.)
  • Give your IT staff powerful tools to save them time, making them more effective
  • Gain business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities immediately
  • Go greener, reducing your carbon footprint and electricity consumption
  • Save a Ton of Money!

What is a smplCloudPC Cloud desktop?

A smplCloudPC desktop is your computer, your data, your apps, and everything else you have always known and used for your business, wrapped, and delivered to you from the Cloud. Whatever you did before will look and feel the same except it won’t be – it will be better! Your smplCloudPC Cloud desktop can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device.

Will smplCloudPC help my business be remote work ready?

Yes! Every smplCloudPC client/end user is remote work ready immediately without any additional set up for their “at home” work. Since all smplCloudPC network traffic is encrypted and hidden with our CloudLock software, you never have to worry about unsecured or compromised Wi-Fi networks at a home, in the airport or in a coffee shop.

Is support Included?

Yes! Every smplCloudPC subscription includes support for the cloud desktop. No need for you to manage anything.

Can smplCloudPC help me reply to IT security & compliance audits?

Yes. All smplCloudPC subscribers can use our proprietary documentation to respond to auditors, compliance requests for all of our Services. Need more assistance? Not a problem, StreamPC’s team of professionals can assist when you need them.

Does smplCloudPC include backups, failover, and disaster recovery?

Yes. The StreamWRX Platform automates backup, redundancy, and failover for all smplCloudPC clients. All StreamPC data centers feature multiple hardware and software redundancies with no single points of failure. Formal disaster recovery and business continuity plans are available.

How do I pay for the smplCloudPC?

We are a monthly recurring subscription service calculated on a per user per month basis, billed at the start of each month. Subscription terms are available in one (1), two (2), or three (3) years.

Is any training required to add or manage my users?

No. smplCloudPC clients need no technical training or IT skills of any kind.

Is there a minimum number of users required?

Yes! ONE, that is all. Ok, so maybe that is not really a minimum.

How much storage is included?

Each smplCloudPC includes 32 GB of individual storage. You may add document management and storage services for your business – specified by person, department or whatever makes sense to you.

Do you include Microsoft Office?

Yes. We are a Microsoft Partner, and we include Microsoft Office (Teams, Outlook, etc.) and other applications for no additional charge on every smplCloudPC.

What free APPs are included?

Whatever is free and web based already is automatically available. We also include Adobe Acrobat Reader, anti-virus, anti-malware, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and many others. We will continue adding more free apps over time and we can add any that your business needs right away.

Can Additional APPs be added after we sign up?

Of course! No worries. During the initial on-boarding, let us know what you need, what you want to make available to your End Users and we will deliver them with your smplCloudPC. Apps can be added later as well, either way, we have you covered. A one-time setup fee may apply (depending on the third-party App – not us).

Is there an early termination charge?

A client can terminate a contract at any time if there is a service-related issue that we are unable to resolve. Otherwise, the client needs to complete the terms of the original agreement.

Can smplCloudPC operate over Wi-Fi or 4G/5G connections?

Absolutely! Including mobile phone hotspots being a wonderful way to work remotely. Our service use compression technology which allows for a fantastic work experience even on a low-grade internet connection.

Is there a set-up or migration charge?

Set-up and migration charges will be “no charge” on three (3) year subscriptions.

Will you help my business migrate all users’ docs, email, and data?

Yes. We migrate everything for you to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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